My name is Arik, and if you’re reading this, you probably already know that. I am (at the moment) 23 years old, live in Leipzig, Germany,  a musician in a rock and roll band called ELECTRIC TURTLES, and a singer songwriter. I’m learning some things along this road called life, suffering in the mundane act of simply existing, waiting to reach the end of my life. Maybe that sounds a bit too sad for you, and I’m sorry — most people know me as the smiley red haired boy, singing with his acoustic guitar, making people happy. Yes, that is a part of me, but only a part — alone, I bask in the grey clouds that sing a melancholy tune, never satisfied with the present, but always dwelling on the past, and the future to come.

It’s my hope that on my blog, I can share with you all the different shades of Arik, possibly give you insights to my little discoveries, as simple as they may be, and let you into my world. I’m not sure how I will be remembered, I’m not even sure if it’s important to me anymore if I will be remembered, but, I might as well tackle this bull while I can still grow a nice beard, before my time runs out.


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